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St. Phillips Baptist Church

Vision, Mission, & Values

Saint Phillips Baptist Church

Vision Statement:
At St. Phillips Baptist Church, our vision is to be a Christ-centered community, passionately committed to the spiritual transformation of our members, the salvation of the lost, and the advancement of God's Kingdom in the world. Grounded in the infallible Word of God, we strive to embody Christ's love, grace, and truth in all that we do.

Saint Phillips Baptist Church

Mission Statement:
Our mission at St. Phillips Baptist Church is to fulfill the Great Commission by proclaiming the Gospel of Jesus Christ, making disciples, and nurturing believers in their faith. Through vibrant worship, relevant teaching, fervent prayer, compassionate outreach, and intentional discipleship, we seek to impact lives, build strong families, and foster unity in Christ. Guided by the Holy Bible, we strive to equip and empower every member to be Christ-like ambassadors, shining His light and extending His love to all people.

Saint Phillips Baptist Church

Core Values:

The following core values reflect the mission of the church and provide guiding principles for decision-making, ministry focus, and the overall culture and ethos of St. Phillips Baptist Church.

  1. Spiritual Growth: We value the continuous spiritual growth and transformation of our members through engaging worship, meaningful Bible study, discipleship, and prayer.

  2. Community Outreach: We value actively reaching out to the community to share the message of Christ's love, compassion, and hope, while meeting the practical needs of those around us.
    Biblical Truth: We value the Word of God as the foundation for all that we do, seeking to live according to its teachings, principles, and values.

  3. Fellowship and Unity: We value fostering a loving and inclusive community where individuals can experience genuine fellowship, support, and encouragement from one another, embracing our diversity and embracing our common faith in Christ.

  4. Kingdom Advancement: We value contributing to the advancement of God's Kingdom in the world, partnering with other churches, organizations, and individuals to make a positive impact in our local community and beyond.

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