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St. Phillips Baptist Church


In the year 1892, a cadre of devout Christians, recognizing the imperative for ecclesiastical establishment, initiated a series of house-to-house prayer meetings. As the congregation burgeoned, the venue transitioned from private residences to an antiquated community school. It was within these humble precincts that deliberations commenced for the construction of a dedicated church edifice.

In 1941, St. Phillips Baptist Church confronted the exigency of vacating a recently refurbished structure atop St. Phillips Hill, compelled by the inexorable force of the Urban Renewal Movement. This locale, now denominated as Spring Valley in Northwest Washington, DC, witnessed the relocation of the St. Phillips Baptist Church Congregation to 1718 Florida Avenue, Northwest, Washington, DC, where their worship services found a new sanctuary.

By 1948, the church had procured a fresh ecclesiastical abode at 1001 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington DC.


On February 5, 1978, Reverend Dr. André H. Owens ascended to the esteemed position of the 14th Senior Pastor of St. Phillips Baptist Church.

In March 2017, buoyed by the endorsement and encouragement of our spiritual leader, the congregation divested itself of the cherished church edifice at 1001 North Capitol Street, NE, Washington DC, after seven decades of devoted worship. A transitory refuge was secured at 537 Ritchie Road, Capitol Heights, MD, an arduous decision necessitated by the rich historical tapestry woven into the erstwhile structure situated in the heart of Washington, DC, formerly recognized as St. Philips Hill.

Saint Phillips Baptist Church
Saint Phillips Baptist Church

With divine providence guiding its path, St. Phillips Baptist Church procured a novel ecclesiastical dwelling at 3415 Brinkley Road in Temple Hills, MD, in June 2018. The inaugural service within this newfound sanctuary transpired on November 4, 2018, a testament to the assiduity of the Trustee Ministry in their discerning search and acquisition of the property.

In May 2019, the ecclesiastical family welcomed the Reverend Alfred Wright, Jr., as Assistant Pastor.

During the morning service on Sunday, March 28, 2021, a communiqué was disseminated, heralding the retirement of Reverend Dr. Andre’ H. Owens as Pastor of St. Phillips Baptist Church, effective April 1, 2021. After 43 years of unwavering service, encompassing preaching, teaching, counseling, mentoring, and familial care, Reverend Owens assumed the status of Senior Pastor Emeritus of St. Phillips Baptist Church, a designation conferred officially.

Acting upon the counsel of Senior Pastor Emeritus Andre' H. Owens, St. Phillips Baptist Church unanimously endorsed Reverend Alfred Wright, Jr., as the new Pastor, effective April 1, 2021.

Pastor Wright's official installation transpired on Saturday, July 31, 2021, marking the commencement of a new era for the church under his sagacious guidance. All glory is ascribed to God as St. Phillips Baptist Church, comprising ministerial leaders, officers, and members, progresses towards loftier aspirations, ardently dedicated to preaching, teaching, studying, and upholding the tenets of the Word, while maintaining unwavering faith, perpetual prayer, jubilant praise, and zealous service to the Lord.

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