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St. Phillips Baptist Church

New Members Ministry

Welcome to the St. Phillips Baptist Church New Members Ministry Page!

Welcoming You to the Family. Welcome to the New Members Ministry page of St. Phillips Baptist Church! We are delighted that you have chosen to join our church family. Our ministry is dedicated to ensuring that every new member feels welcomed, valued, and connected as they begin their journey with us.

Vision. Our vision is to create a welcoming and inclusive community where new members can build strong, meaningful relationships, grow in their faith, and fully integrate into the life of our church. We believe that every person who joins our congregation is a vital part of our church family, and we are committed to supporting them as they discover their place and purpose within our community.

Mission. Our mission is to assist new members in their transition into the church by providing guidance, support, and opportunities for involvement. We aim to help new members:

  • Feel Welcomed: Creating a warm and inviting environment where new members are greeted with genuine hospitality and care.

  • Get Connected: Offering opportunities for new members to connect with others through small groups, classes, and social events.

  • Grow Spiritually: Encouraging new members to deepen their relationship with God through worship, Bible study, and prayer.

  • Serve and Engage: Helping new members discover their gifts and talents and find ways to serve and contribute to the life of the church.

Theme. Our theme, "Welcoming You to the Family" (Ephesians 2:19), reflects our commitment to making every new member feel at home and an integral part of our church community. We believe that in Christ, we are all members of God’s household, and we seek to live out this truth in our ministry.

What We Do. The New Members Ministry at St. Phillips Baptist Church offers a variety of programs and activities designed to help new members feel connected and supported as they integrate into our church family:

  • New Member Orientation: Providing an overview of our church’s mission, vision, and ministries, and offering practical information to help new members get acclimated.

  • Welcome Classes: Offering a series of classes that introduce new members to the basics of Christian faith, church membership, and opportunities for involvement in the church.

  • Mentorship Program: Pairing new members with established members who can provide guidance, support, and friendship as they navigate their new church home.

  • Social Events: Hosting gatherings and events specifically for new members to meet one another, connect with church leaders, and build relationships within the church community.

Get Involved. Whether you are new to the faith, new to the area, or simply new to our church, we are here to support you every step of the way. Join us in our New Members Ministry as we welcome you into our family, help you find your place, and walk alongside you in your journey of faith.

Thank you for visiting our New Members Ministry page. We are excited to welcome you into our church family and look forward to growing together in faith, love, and service. Together, let’s build a community where everyone feels at home and valued in the family of God.

For more information complete the Ministry Contact Form here. Select New Members Ministry from the list and submit the form.

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